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A Complete Business in a Box

We currently have 10 different Chrome Extension softwares:

1. Amikone Chrome Extension at anikone.come
2. Friend Multiplier Chrome Extension at friendmultiplier.com
2. Bday Wisher Chrome Extension at bdaywisher.com
3. Your Own Software Chrome Extension
4. Biggest Fan Pro Chrome Extension
5. Genius Post Scheduler  Chrome Extension
6. Post FIlter Chrome Extension
7. Genius Messenger CRM Chrome Extension at Geniusmessengercrm.net
8. Unlimited business leads Chrome Extension
9. Genius Engagement Monster Chrome Extension 
10. FB Admin Tools Chrome Extension
11. Genius Giveaway Chrome Extension

Other Softwares:
1. Clksy.com SMS marketing
2. Link Wizard to shorten and track links
3. Genius pages funnel/website builder (same one used to make this site)
4. Invoicing You to send invoices to customers
5. Robo Contact to cold contact businesses
6. Magic Zap make dynamic website content
7. Sticky Reviews to post your reviews on any website
8. Domain Leads get leads for newly bought domains

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Software is the best business.